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"The lowest price on any new or used automobile GUARANTEED!"


What is the cost of our service?

Effortless Auto is an automotive consulting company that is focused on providing clients with a better way to purchase or lease their next new or used automobile.  We act as an advocate for our clients during the purchasing process.

We charge one low fee which is determined during our initial consultation. You will find that our fee is very reasonable for the services we render. Our guarantee to find you the lowest price includes our advisory fee.  If you were to purchase your automobile from a salesman, you would pay a commission.  It would just not be disclosed how much. Remember, a salesman makes larger commissions if the vehicle can be sold for a higher price.  We do not profit from the sale of the vehicle.  Our fee is paid only if we can provide the lowest price.  Hence, your best interests coincide with ours.

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